Sheikh Suji

Sheikh Shuji is another fine product of Sheikh Agro Food Industries. Semolina is a coarse flour made from durum wheat and is used for various delicious food items.

The first step in processing semolina is to wash the raw material to remove impurities such as stones, sticks, leaves, and other foreign objects. This is accomplished using vibrating screens, air classifiers, magnets, etc. After polishing the rice, the conditions necessary for rice polishing, such as moisture and temperature, are adjusted. The conditioned wheat is fed to a series of roller mills where the wheat grains are crushed. After completing a few more necessary processes the semolina is then sieved several times to get the desired grain size and remove any remaining impurities. In summary, processing Sheikh Shuji involves several steps to ensure high-quality semolina flour.


Energy395k calorie
Carbohydrates83 g
Fat0.85 g
Calcium110 mg
Protein8.9 g

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